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The service contains Macros and Templates categorized for administration, specialist referral, imaging procedures, diagnostic testing, patient assessments and treatment plans. Our macros are developed by 100's of the brightest minds in the profession who continually add on a regular basis what is needed to support the neuro-musculo-skeletal practice.
Proper documentation of the patient encounter, specialist referrals and diagnostic orders is a critical part of operating a compliant and profitable health care office. In the information age, properly organized charts will ensure timely reimbursement and protection in the event of an audit. More importantly, proper documentation can prevent and audit. It is important that all of these items are specific to the patient and done in a timely manner. Presently, most EMR systems have the foundation, but truly lack the proper language in macros and templates. is proud to provide a complete list of EMR Macro and Template language for health care professionals in the chiropractic, physical therapy and physical medicine environments. This information is automatically integrated into the Academy of Chiropractic's Management (ACM) system (see note below.) This robust service provides "what you need" without adding all the fluff of other note systems. This site is ever evolving based on the needs and trends in health care as well as the input of our subscribers. 


Watch the video above and learn why we have been able to help thousands of doctors streamline their clinical documentation, increase compliance, reduce audits and increase collections. EMRMacros can be used easily within any EMR system as well as any practice configuration [Solo, Group or Integrated]. Our formula is continually updated based on court decisions, audit alerts, carrier denials and peer reviewed published research.


Imaging/Diagnostic Testing

Disability and Permanency
Clinical Correlation and Testing 
  Connective Tissue 

Documentation Infrastructure

Sample EMR Videos
Coding and ICD-10
E/M Rules and Regulations
Sample Complian Reporting