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Welcome to the EMR Macro's Program VIDEO Library.  Click on the links below to access the Videos. 



Training 8 - Outcomes Measures - Population Based or Specific?


Training 7 - Introduction to Spinal Compensation with Dr. Ray Wiegand 


Training 6 - Innervation of Healthy and Degenerative Intevertebral Disc, Referred Extremity Pain and Documenting Prolonged Care


Training 5 - Documenting Diability, handling multiple injuries, and unemployment with injury   


Training 4 - Chiropractic and Pain Management, Post-Surgical Care, Adjacent Segment Degneration


Training 3 - Documenting AOMSI - Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity and Impairment Rating - when subthreshold 


Training 2 - Neurology and MTBI Macros 


Training 1 - Introduction to Documentation Basics and Navigating the EMR Website 



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